Saturday, May 14, 2005

Art or Math

Maurits Cornelis Escher, who was born in Leeuwarden, Holland in 1898, created unique and fascinating works of art that explore and exhibit a wide range of mathematical ideas.

Painted Meat

What else can I say but take a look at meat paintings. By the way, you can purchase the one below for $1400.

Friday, May 13, 2005

All I can say is WOW

My very significant other just gave me the Luminor Power Reserve. I will not take this off my wrist.

Sewing Machines

I would not normally create a topic about sewing machines. But the photographs of these antiques machines are quite impressive.
The photo below is an 1851 Singer Sewing Machine.


A Nation Frozen With Fear! Paraskavedekatriaphobia (er, that's Fear of Friday the 13th)Strikes Again…
While this Friday the 13th may pass with nothing but a superstitiously raised eyebrow for most of us, for thousands of Americans it's a day they will simply… DREAD!
Formally known in medical literature (and sounding scary just by its name) as "Paraskavedekatriaphobia," the Fear of the Number 13 and thus Friday the 13th is one of the oldest phobias in the world. It ranks along with the fears of flying and public speaking as one of the most widely-shared phobias as well.


A Milwaukee woman was in critical condition Friday afternoon following an apparent case of sleepwalking.
The woman fell out of her second-story window.
"She said she had a dream that our house was on fire, and she checked to see if it was OK. She tripped on her shoes and she fell out the window," the woman's sister, Courtney Bannister, said.
The 24-year-old suffered severe internal injuries after that 15-foot fall.
Sleep specialists say sleepwalking injuries affect about one-third of adults who sleepwalk.
"If your dream involves the environment around you, and that the fire you feel is real, you will open windows, doors, and go through them," Dr. Rose Franco said.

My question is this, if you live alone, how do you know you are sleepwalking?

The Fantastic in Art & Fiction

Sponsored by Cornell University's Institute for Digital Collections (CIDC) this image-bank provides a visual resource for the study of the Fantastic of the supernatural in fiction and in art.

Buy Art- through a Vintage Cigarette Machine

Finding some good use for these old cigarette machines.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Highly Recommended

I found this great website, some good stuff but basically geared towards the male race. But everybody should enjoy "Squirrel Fishing".
I have heard the guy who runs that blog is a great guy too.

Funky Website

I believe it would be considered a hip-hop site. I just enjoyed the 3D look of it.

Flying Snake

Did you know snakes can fly? Check out the numerous videos.

Cloned Robots

Machines make copies of themselves in minutes; method could be used at hazard sites or in space.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Self-Heating Coffee

Wolfgang Puck introduced a new line of lattes this month. That the Los Angeles chef has stamped his name on another product isn't surprising. But the container is. It heats itself.
It took a California company named OnTech seven years and $24 million to create the self-heating cans, which are activated by pushing a plastic button on the bottom. Water flows into a sealed inner cone filled with quicklime, which is mostly calcium oxide. A chemical reaction heats the coffee to a pleasant 145 degrees in six to eight minutes, the amount of time it might take to order, pay for and receive a latte from a barista.

Old Time Photos

A very impressive collection of old time photographs. If you are into history or photography, this is a must see site.
In my opinion, the woman pictured below looks like she has the face and figure that goes with today's modern image.

Heard in Space

Brilliant sounds from space. I could spend all day listening and as many of you know, I am not into Star Wars, etc. But this is real.

Mix It

Mix your own song using 70's and 80's electronic musical toys.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

All Mazes

A large selection of different types of logic mazes. I especially was frustrated with this one.

What Color Eyes

What color eyes will your children have?

Tools & Concepts from Science

An Arts and Science competition at Princeton University. Great photography and the colored ants are so cool.

Have a Seat

Start banging away.

Reverse It

Listen to your .wav file backwards. This file(will open wmp audio) will sound like this(will open wmp audio).

Eating with the Fishes

Now you can dine below sea level.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Globes of Color

Satellite data on fantastic looking globes, I think!

Mind Games

Mindball is an experience product, a game where two players control a ball with their brain waves. The player being most relaxed wins the game. The brain waves are detected by sensors attached to the headbands. The sensors (electrodes) are connected to a biosensor system.

Big Time Cold

I am feeling a bit under the weather right now. Will try to update Kukla's later in the day.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Give her a Hug

Sunday is a no posting day at Kukla's.
If at all possible, give your mother a great big hug today. If not, call her now and if that is not an option, remember all the good times you enjoyed together.