Saturday, April 02, 2005


Chip reads man's Thoughts

from the bbc, A paralysed man in the US has become the first person to benefit from a brain chip that reads his mind.
Matthew Nagle, 25, was left paralysed from the neck down and confined to a wheelchair after a knife attack in 2001.
The pioneering surgery at New England Sinai Hospital, Massachusetts, last summer means he can now control everyday objects by thought alone.
The brain chip reads his mind and sends the thoughts to a computer to decipher.
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Top Secret Forumula

What do you think the following ingredients make up?

3.50 ml orange oil
1.00 ml lemon oil
1.00 ml nutmeg oil
1.25 ml cassia oil
0.25 ml coriander oil
0.25 ml neroli oil
2.75 ml lime oil
0.25 ml lavender oil
10.0 g gum arabic
3.00 ml water

You might be surprised to find out what it is!

Friday, April 01, 2005

Photoblog at Vatican Square

Antmoose has set up a photoblog at flickr. He has been at Vatican Square yesterday and today and submitted quite a few pictures. It is near 2am there now and over 70,000 people still remain in the square. Quite a show of love for the Pope of the last 26 years.

April 1st Pranks

A collection of pranks on the web today.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Gliding Along

Do you want the feeling of floating(will open WMP video) on earth? $9000 will make your dreams come true.

Light Up your Bike

Spring is here and that means bike riding. Be the coolest kid on the block with Hokey Spokes.

Self Built Cathedral

Don Justo has been building his own cathedral since the 1960's. Check out his story at & part 2 of the project.

Cigar Box Guitars

Build your own cigar box guitar. I have used cigar boxes for many different things, but never a guitar. I just may try it out.

Disappearing Dots

Steady fixation favors disappearance, blinks or gaze shifts induce reappearance. All in all reminiscent of the Troxler effect, but stronger and more resistant to residual eye movements.
Ah, now I understand.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Best & Worst Seafood Choices

If you care about the eco-system and your health, this is a must read.

Flickr Clock Works

The goal of this flickr group is to post a clock face for every minute around the clock, in chronological order. When run in slideshow mode at 1 second intervals, this should give us a working 12 minute clock!

Monitor Flights

See what air traffic controllers see. Watch incoming and outgoing air traffic from Los Angeles International.

Defy Gravity

How to set up a room that will confuse and amuse your family and friends.

Nike Restoration

Nike has always used the internet in a very cool way. Check out the flash presentation of their original cross training shoe. Very creative and imaginative.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Coin Manipulation

Coin manipulation involves performing tricks with coins such as walking a coin across the back of the knuckles or flipping and twirling two coins about each other.

Once again, Blogger Issues

I want to apologize for the lack of posts recently. Once again, blogger has had issues and finally updated their status page today. Hopefully, it is now fixed.

Blogger Status
Tuesday, March 29, 2005

We're currently in the process of rolling back a bad kernel upgrade that has significantly impacted the service. Restored app servers are coming back online and all should be repaired by the end of today.

Photos From a Kite

Attach a camera to a kite and start clicking.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Weasel Coffee

This is possibly one of the strangest coffees to be found on the planet! This coffee hails from the remote interior of Vietnam. It comes from a strange natural phenomenon.
Wild Weasels roam the coffee plantations and eat the ripe coffee beans, but rather than digest them the weasel regurgitates them and vomits them up! Due to the fact the cherries have been in the weasels gastric juices, it seems to dramatically alter the taste of the coffee once brewed. This coffee is collected by locals and traded fairly.

Future Robots

Check out all of the advances in the next generation of robots.

Who Did This

Which one of you spilled coffee on my blog!!!
Create more disasters, but be careful.