Saturday, February 05, 2005

Winning Shot

A high school kid rebounds a missed foul shot, throws the ball full court, bingo, swish and game winner. Watch all the different reactions ( (will open WMP -video, takes about 20 seconds to load with broadband).

Not watching The Super Bowl

If you are skipping The Super Bowl tomorrow, but don't want to miss the commercials, well, I have listed a few for you to view.
Lays will be running two, 30-second spots featuring MC Hammers, 1 & 2 (will open WMP). offers a monkey dressed up in a suit and tie.etc...
The NFL Network will be showing a spot (will open RP) that features many NFL players and a few surprises.

Cooking with Lava

Step 1: Preparation
1 Game Hen or Pork Loin, check
8 Ti or Banana Leaves, check
1 Shovel and Gloves, well, ok
1 2000° F fresh Lava, huh,
This actually comes from a no-nonsense site. I find it quite amusing, especially the 2000 degree, fresh lava part. It goes on to say in step 3 you will want to wear gloves since the lava is very hot, duh, no kidding.

Climbing the Walls

The "gekkomat" is a fully autonomous machine which enables man to move about on various surfaces. The technique is based upon a combination of vacuum and friction principles and is comprised of a central energy unit which is worn on the back.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Just Whistle It

Can't remember the name of the tune, just start whistling.

Random snacks for The Super Bowl

Undecided on what type of snacks to serve for the big game on Sunday. Get some help with the random snacks page.
I think I would enjoy the Morinaga Choco Flake. Smells like hot chocolate, mmmm!

Breakdown of colored Wristbands

from the bbc, Bracelets are now the fashionable way to show you care about a cause. But do you know your anti-bully bands from your anti-racism ones?

Creative Captions

We all have seen these type of signs created by the US Government. Now someone has added their own captions to the signs. Some are very funny.
Warning: crude language may be part of the captions.

Bathe before Flying

"I think that this is probably the world's first airport with an observation bath," said an official of a company that operates the airport in Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture.

Changing Art

An artist was asked to find a framed piece of artwork at their local thrift store and manipulate it into a piece of their own.

Non-Moving Day

Snag and/or problem has come about regarding to the migration to a dedicated host. I will supply an update in the near future after I get a little more information.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Moving Day

I am in the process of moving Kukla's to a dedicated host and probably will not be posting anything new today.
Please feel free to look around if this is your first visit here and I invite you to visit Kukla's again tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

How to Cut Vegetables & Fruit

Not only learn how to cut vegetables and fruit, but what kind of knife to use, how to stand and other tricks of the trade.


Let me know what your score was.

Good Grief

Skeletal systems of animated characters.

World Blogging

Real time display of blog postings worldwide.

Little Erde

A very strange game; throw a sausage and then try to catch it while running around a circle. Read the directions twice!!!

Dry Ice

In 1897 a patent was granted in England to Herbert Samuel Elworthy, a doctor in the British Army Medical Corps for solidification of carbon dioxide. His purpose was to make soda water to mix with his whisky.
I am amazed what dry ice can be used for. How about repairing small dents in your car, loosen floor tile, branding horses, cattle and hunting dogs, and many more uses.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Can someone explain to me what "Elvish" is? Pictured below is the name "Robert" written in "Elvish". I have questions, what is it, why use it, where did it come from?

Pit Carvings

Faces and objects carved from the pits of fruit such as peach, plum, apricot, olive, sweet cherry, wild cherry and even the seed from the dogwood tree.

Cool Antarctica

Fantastic information about Antarctica and the pictures of the icebergs are simply amazing.

Single Dads on TV

Single Dads on TV: the shows, the stars, the years; how the dads earned a living, who took care of the kids, and the circumstances in which they became single fathers.

On the Lite Side

One year ago today, Super Bowl XXXVIII took place. Many will recall what happened during halftime of the game more than the game itself.
View, for the first time, what actually caused the wardrobe malfunction (will open WMP-video, safe for work).

Monday, January 31, 2005

Random Word Generator

Stuck for a word? Need something to adequately describe your day yet doesn't already have some other meaning? Look no further than the random word generator!

Touching Iraq Photos

A touching and moving flash presentation dedicated to our service men and women in Iraq. The background choir I believe is from BYU.

What is It?

Winning guess is invited to my house to watch The Super Bowl. All expenses not paid.

Sleeping in Airports

Many reviews of numerous airports advising you of how and where to catch some winks in the airport.

Future of Time

How we will be telling and displaying time in the year 2154.

Valentines Day - Think Ahead

Over the next week or so I will be offering some "buying tips" for Valentines Day.
How about a box of Nine Great Chocolate Bars, and you know what they say about chocolate.

Super Bowl Legends

You thought a little background on a few legends of football, but no, snopes puts an end to a few facts or fakes surrounding The Super Bowl.
Claim: Sewage systems of major cities have broken due to the tremendous number of toilets being flushed simultaneously at halftime.
Status: False. I fell for this one but not to the extent of thinking sewage systems were actually breaking down.

Musicians Map

Type in an artist's name, then see other musicians of the same style of music grouped together. The size of the sphere that surrounds the name of the artist, is supposed to represent how popular they are. I have to strongly disagree with my favorite, Eric Clapton, his circle should be huge.
I did not search for the biggest circle, but I do know it does not belong to Ms. Spears.

Can we talk BDSM

You think that people should be treated with respect and courtesy, you find violence, particularly violence against women, reprehensible; you would never, under any circumstances, raise your hand in anger against someone you love. And now your partner is asking you to tie her up, or call her names or spank her.
Check out Domination for nice guys, it appears SFW except the gallery which has a few artistic photos.

What do I Do

Saturday afternoon, FedEx pulls up and delivers a Magic Stone to my door. It was a Ruby rock and I have no idea who sent it. What is my next step?

Sunday, January 30, 2005


A quick check of Kukla's and I discover all of my comments are gone. Unsure what the problem is and I have not made any template changes.
I am in the process of checking with Blogger and my comment host, Haloscan. Will keep you posted, in the meantime, plus use the default blogger comments.

Keeping Busy

Sunday is a no post day and as you can see I am busy today installing another hard drive on my computer.
Please feel free to take a look around Kukla's and enjoy this last Sunday of January.