Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Self-Heating Coffee

Wolfgang Puck introduced a new line of lattes this month. That the Los Angeles chef has stamped his name on another product isn't surprising. But the container is. It heats itself.
It took a California company named OnTech seven years and $24 million to create the self-heating cans, which are activated by pushing a plastic button on the bottom. Water flows into a sealed inner cone filled with quicklime, which is mostly calcium oxide. A chemical reaction heats the coffee to a pleasant 145 degrees in six to eight minutes, the amount of time it might take to order, pay for and receive a latte from a barista.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I purchased the Rich Mocha Latte, there also was an Espresso Version and a Vanilla flavored. I cam home right away to try them out.. AWESOME!!

Reminds me of the canned coffee I was able to buy in Okinawa (in the winter the machines were hot and the summer they were cold) Good flavor and not alot of sweetness.

Immediately after pushing the bottom in (as directed) it started to heat up, after about 5 minutes the "hot spot" turned white, so I was able to shake then "pop" open the top...

Kinda of pricey ? not really at $2.00 each about the same as a cup of coffee and allot less then a "real" latte at a stand... AND PERFECT int he saddlebags when you make a stop ?!

My husband and I ride motorcycles so this is the PERFECT addition to our saddlebags!

I will be going back tomorrow to stock up on some more!

Julie C. - Steilacoom, WA

11:22 PM  

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