Saturday, April 16, 2005

PSA- Firefox 1.03 Now Available

It is a slow night, so I thought I would do my duty as a blogger and let Firefox users know the new security update, 1.03 is now available for download.
I have gone through three of these upgrades and have learned quite a bit so I will pass on my thoughts to you. First of all, this new version is a security release and you should install it ASAP.
In previous upgrades, the proper way was to install the new version was to download the newest release, delete the previous release through your add/remove program and then install the new release. That way all of your extensions, themes, settings remained intact and upgraded to the new version. If you just upgraded to the new version, you would see all of those versions in your add/remove list which could cause problems in the future.
With Fx 1.03, I was able to install the new version without removing 1.02 first, and only 1.03 is in my add/remove list. There has been an ongoing discussion which way is correct, and most people feel you can do it the old way by first deleting the older version or do it the new way by just installing over the older version.
Also, there are some extensions that are not yet designed to work with 1.03 but should be available very soon.
If you have any questions, check out this forum and I am sure your question will or has been answered there.


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