Saturday, April 09, 2005

Know your Weeds

Not sure what type of weed(s) are in your lawn? Identify them here and then find the proper treatment.


Blogger Sarah said...

Am coming back to say I loved this link! (I read everything here, but perhaps don't comment as often as I "should.")

I found many pictures of the "weeds" to be quite lovely... and wondered if we really ought to destroy any plants at all? I also try to imagine what it would be like to look over your shoulder as you browse the internet... and wonder what percentages of your time you spend working, browsing the web and just relaxing (doing neither of the first two activities mentioned).

3:23 PM  
Blogger PK said...

Work, don't know the meaning of that word. Actually, blogging has become front and center of my daily routine. With a pocket pc always with me, I am now able to blog 24/7 if I wish too.
RSS feeds help bigtime in searching for interesting topics and I have basically set up a daily routine.
Relax, well, I browse the web!!!

3:49 PM  

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