Monday, February 28, 2005

How to Sharpen a Pencil

There is a proper way to sharpen your pencil: To use a pencil sharpener, keep the pencil and the sharpener in a straight line. Do not insert the pencil at an angle or the point will be subjected to unnecessary pressure and may break.
Examine the wood around the pointed pencil. If the surface of the wood is smooth, then the sharpener is sharp. However, if the wood is rough or ‘furry’ then the sharpener is becoming blunt. A very blunt sharpener will produce a very rough surface on the pencil point.
Watch the shavings coming out of the sharpener. A good pencil sharpener will produce a long, continuous sliver of shavings. The blunter the sharpener the smaller the pieces of shaving become. If you start to see shard-like pieces coming out of the sharpener, then throw it away.
Does anyone even use a pencil anymore. I cannot even remember the last time I used one.


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