Thursday, February 24, 2005

Dress for success

Clothes for Success is a great reference site for men. It gives style advice and matches up your body type, hair style and color, height, etc to what type of suits are best for you, what color shoes you should wear, even the color of your briefcase.

My sportswear colors are below and my color analysis is: Typically people who have your color profile have depth to their coloring and a lot of contrast between their hair color, eye color and skin tone. You will look best in intense deep, rich colors accented with jewel tones, or contrasted with bright white or icy pastels. Look for a dark suit with cool undertones like dark navy, charcoal and even black. Your coloring will be complimented by these deep, powerful colors. Never dress in earth tones, muted or powdery colors; they will make you look faded and sallow. When choosing colors, look for jewel tones and bright, vivid colors, or colors with cool icy tones to them. For dress shirts, this means very bright whites, icy blues, pinks and yellows. For fun and style expression try french blue or charcoal.


Anonymous Tony said...

My wife is always nagging on me to wear colors I don't like, now I can prove to her she has been wrong all along.

9:47 AM  

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