Saturday, December 25, 2004

Growing Old & Older

Once a year since 1976, this family has photographed themselves to stop a fleeting moment. Interesting to see how each of them has "developed".

Keeps on Ticking

Today's cesium atomic clocks are accurate to within one million billionth of a second or 1 second in 30 million years. Ha, and I thought my fake Rolex kept accurate time.

HDTV Reference Tips

So you are sitting there watching your brand new HDTV and have a few questions about, setup, picture quality, can I hook this up to my PC, what kind of cables should I use, etc. The best place to get your questions answered is Very active forum, you will get the answers you are looking for and also a great place to research a product you may want to purchase.
You may also be thinking about buying a remote control for all of the new devices you now have. Check out, you will not be disappointed with all the information they have.
For an online tv guide, allows you to program your own tv grid for only the stations you want to watch.
My own personal tip, get the Avia Guide to Home Theater calibration DVD if you have a new television. It will improve your picture quality and you should use it every 3-4 months to fine tune the set since the settings will change over time.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Go Ahead, Open up your Gift!!!

From me to you: I do hope this gift (will open WMP video) warms your heart, sparks your senses and most of all, makes you feel comfortable and warm. Merry Christmas everyone!!!
p.s. just in case the audio does not work for you, let this play in the background while your video gift is playing.

updated on 12/25: Read this from the NYT (subscrbtion may be req.) after opening your gift.

Santa Taking Off

It is my understanding Santa is ready to begin his yearly journey.

Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah

Many of you have probably viewed the Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah videos; the animated or human (will open QT video) spots are a parody of the politically correct world we live in.
I want to wish all the readers of Kukla's a very Merry Christmas and may it be a safe and peaceful season for you and your loved ones.
Sporadic posting will be the norm the rest of the day and on Christmas. Normal posting will continue on Sunday (normally my day off).

Gallery of Computation

Jared Tarbell writes computer programs to create graphic images. With an algorithmic goal in mind, he manipulate the work by finely crafting the semantics of each program. Specific results are pursued, although occasionally surprising discoveries are made.
Way over my head, but the work is fantastic.

Browser Spy

BrowserSpy can tell you all kinds of detailed information about you and your browser. Stuff like the version of your browser. What kind of things it supports and what it doesn't support.
You might as well check your connection speed too while at the same website.

70 Beautiful English Words

A cool, understated flash site, make sure you hover your mouse over the red words for a nice surprise.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

iPod battles the Cassette

No Name No Slogan labs tests this years must-have device against one of the all time great audio formats.

A Very Techno Christmas

This very special holiday release from 8bitpeoples features an all-star, cross-platform lineup that is sure to make yours a truly chippy Christmas indeed. Brought together from all corners of the globe, these 8 amazing tunes were composed by 8 dedicated chiptune maniacs on 8 different videogame consoles and homecomputers.

Cleanse your Hands, and your Mind

Method hand wash is good for your hands and soul. Just check it out and make sure to read some of the cleansing confessions.

The 28 Hour Day

I don't know what your habits are during Christmas, but I for one would love to have this 28 hour day for the next 10 days or so. More sleep is the key factor in this proposal.

The Anti-Corporation Gift

Adbusters covers issues like media concentration, geopolitics and how consumerism is taking people to the brink of ecological collapse. Check out the spoof ads too.

A Festivus for the rest of Us

Frank Costanza explains Festivus (will open WMP audio).

The actual inventor of Festivus is Dan O'Keefe, 76, whose son Daniel, a writer on "Seinfeld," appropriated a family tradition for the episode. The elder Mr. O'Keefe was stunned to hear that the holiday, which he minted in 1966, is catching on. "Have we accidentally invented a cult?" he wondered.
Read on...

Send a Festivus ecard. You can find more Seinfeld terms here.

Thinking of moving to Guam?

I nominate the owners of this website to be the new Secretary of Travel for Guam. Any question you may have about their country,they have the answers.
I don't know anyone who plans on moving there, but if I did, that website would be the only place to visit before moving there.

721 versions- Night Before Christmas

For example....

De Nite Befo Crimmus - (Aka The Ebonics Version) Wuz de nite befo Crimmus; And all ower da hood; ereybody wuz' sleepin'; Dey wuz sleepin' good. We hunged up our stockings; An hoped like de' heck; Dat old Santa Clause; Be bringin' our check. All o'de fambily; Wuz layin in de beds; While Ripple and Thunderbird; Danced through dey heads. I passed out inna' flo; Right nex to my Maw; When I heard sech a fuss; I thunk: "It mus be de law!!

Travel with SkyHigh Airlines

Voices of SkyHigh:
  • Why did I become a SkyHigh Flight Attendant? It was a suggestion from my parole officer, actually.
  • It's important that we get the SkyHigh message out there. That message? Thank you for your money.
  • Some people call it "lost luggage." But we like to say, "if you love something, set it free. If it comes back, well, that's pretty good."
  • We have a super-high turnover rate, so there's always a lot of fresh faces to see.

Do it yourself Rollercoaster

Take a 15 second break and watch this unusual amusement ride (will open WMP video).

Psst - Interested in a Laser

Why would anyone want to buy a laser is beyond me. What can it be used for besides annoying or damaging something or someone?
This laser is not a toy. This is not a modified laser pointer, or any kind of scam like you may have seen on eBay. This is a legitimate high-power laser instrument. It will cast a dot on the clouds and burn a hole through a plastic cup from across the room.
I get it now, spend $703 to burn a hole in a paper cup. Hmmmmm.

$50k for a cloned Cat

The best quotes on this highly controversial topic come from the Detroit Free Press, Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society of the United States, said cloned animals often have physical abnormalities and aren't likely to live as long. "It's all done for no valuable social purpose," he said. "It's morally problematic and a little reprehensible," said David Magnus, co-director of the Center for Biomedical Ethics at Stanford University. "For $50,000, she could have provided homes for a lot of strays."
Genetic Savings & Clone, the company behind all this, now offers gift certificates for future use. Maybe I will buy two of them, yea right!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Play Ted's Guitar

No, not Ted Nugent's guitar, just Ted's guitar. Neat jave applet that allows you to strum along, change cords and picks. Make sure you load all the notes too.

Win This Radio

Many people who participate in the Google AdSense program (you know, the ads by google you see on many websites) received this funky, am/fm radio from Google this holiday season. It looks like the folks at are giving one away. All you have to do is tell them what you would do if you were in charge of Google.


Ice Sculptor

Duncan Hamilton is one of Europe's most talented ice sculptors. Make sure to check out the Bond movie. Fantastic work from a very talented man.

Snow Bowling

Whenever I need to take a little break, I often head over to and participate in one of their games.
Snow Bowling is a great game to play this time of year, especially when we are expecting 8 inches of snow in the next 24 hours.

Follow Up: Access to killed marine's email

Yesterday I wrote about the marine who was killed in Iraq and the family wanted to access his Yahoo! email account.
It is nice to see offers pouring in from all over the USA to help the family. I believe Yahoo should allow the family to view and print any and all emails that are family related. Do the right thing Yahoo, make it happen.

Guilt Free Gift Giving

from Reuters, Christmas gift buyers should avoid coral jewelry, crocodile skin and Beluga caviar if they want to enjoy a guilt-free holiday season. High fashion shahtoosh scarves woven from the hair of Tibetan antelopes should be avoided altogether.
I never heard of shahtoosh scarves, so I did a little research. Anyone in the USA who sells or purchases Shahtoosh scarves is guilty of a felony punishable by a fine of up to $250,000 and imprisonment for up to five years. A person who possesses a Shahtoosh scarf and did not have actual knowledge, but in the exercise of due care, should have known that it was obtained in violation of the law is guilty of a misdemeanor and can be fined up to $100,000 and imprisoned for up to one year.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

How to use a Treadmill

Many people will be hitting their new treadmill in about a week so remember to warm up walking, then stop and stretch your legs, calves, hamstrings and quads. Now resume walking for a few minutes then gradually increase your speed.
How not to warm up (will open WMP video, 1.8MB).

Frozen Pelicans?

Do you see the frozen pelicans too? The picture is actually ice covered trees along Lake Erie in northern Ohio.

Firefox Spreading

A month ago, 76% of the people visiting Kukla's were using IE. As of today, that figure has dropped to 66%. Firefox usage last month was 14% and today it has grown to 23%.
This article also states Firefox is gaining and has a great game plan for the future.

2005 Trends

  • Bye-bye, low carb
  • The brand's the thing
  • No bull on Wall Street
  • Shopping as a lifestyle
  • Respect for resources
The above items are all covered here. I actually believe in some of them.

Who is Steve Rocco

from the OCWeekly, Ever since Steve Rocco won his race to join the Orange Unified School Board of Trustees Nov. 2, the entire nation has but one question on its collective mind: Who the hell is this guy?
A follow up article here.
He also thinks Andy Kaufman is alive.

Exploding Zamboni

An ice resurfacing machine exploded Sunday night inside Peterson Arena, starting a fire at the ice rink.
I used to drive a Zamboni and let me tell you, I am surprised more of these types of incidents don't happen.

Marine killed in Iraq, Family wants emails

The family of a killed marine wants access to his email account for a keepsake, Yahoo refuses. How do you feel about this?
From the Detroit News, Justin's body has been returned home to his family, but those e-mails -- once a lifeline between the Marine and the dozens of loved ones he left behind -- are being held hostage in an unusual cyberspace legal limbo that has pitted the Oakland County family against Internet giant Yahoo!

The Handshake

What kind of handshake do you have. I would consider my handshake the "squeeze" method.
Then there is this ridiculous website that supposedly is protecting people from the homosexual handshake.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Joe Namath Flashback

One year ago tonight, Broadway Joe became famous again. It is my understanding that Joe has cleaned up his life since the incident, but you must admit the interview (will open WMP audio) is classic.

I am from Neptune

You are dreamy and mystical, with a natural psychic ability.
You love music, poetry, dance, and (most of all) the open sea.
Your soul is filled with possibilities, and your heart overflows with compassion.
You can be in a room full of friendly people and feel all alone.
If you don't get carried away with one idea, your spiritual nature will see you through anything.
Well, by taking the "What Planet are you From" quiz, you too can find out all about yourself.

Travel in Style, by Land & Water

A luxurious, amphibious, motor coach and yacht. Reaches 85 mph on the road, 7 knots on the water. Price tag...see for yourself and check out the other transportation devices too.

Santa Scared Me

Growing up, I was deathly afraid of Santa and clowns. I see some others are too. As a side note, the picture below could be my sister (red coat) and me. (via screenhead)

Secret Recipes

Did you ever think, " I wish I could find out how to make...". Try here to find your favorite recipe.
Another site reveals the famous glaze for hams.

Tons of Tongue Twisters

Half of the US is in a deep freeze, maybe these will warm you up.

Sister Suzie sewing shirts for soldiers
Such skill as sewing shirts
Our shy young sister Suzie shows
Some soldiers send epistles
Say they'd rather sleep in thistles
Than the saucy, soft short shirts for soldiers Sister Suzie sews.

Oh Christmas Tree

People in Hawaii are paying more than $200 for a live Christmas tree. Why not just buy an artificial tree for $999.99 + $129 s&h. It's comes loaded with 2000 lights, weighs 306 lbs., is 15' tall and almost 8 feet wide.

Just Ducky

Bathe with your favorite celeb or athlete.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Posting Free Sunday

I do not post on Sunday but please be like this (will open in WMP) and come back tomorrow.
If you are new to Kukla's, feel free to look around. All my posts have been archived by week and if you are looking for something specific, use the "Search Kukla's" feature at the top of the sidebar.