Saturday, December 18, 2004

Tricked Out NBA Rides

From the Detroit Free Press, There's little chatter over the symphony of buzz saws cutting Plexiglas panes, garage doors opening and closing, and the constant clicking and clacking of equipment in this Sterling Heights auto shop.
A story about some of the cars can be found here along with a picture gallery.

Seniors favor Pot

According to the AARP, nearly three-fourths of older American think patients should legally be allowed to use marijuana if a doctor prescribes it.
Cheech and Chong are rejoicing somewhere.

HeyPix! - Photo Sharing

Looks like competition for my picture hosting site,, has entered the market.
HeyPix! is the one-click photo sharing service with a rich desktop interface. Organize your photos locally on your computer and when you want to share them, simply click the 'Share' button. Your photos are instantly shared on the web. Once your photos are online, there's a lot you can do with them. Create highly customizable albums. Keep track of visits and comments to your albums. Easily view your friends' latest photos. Post pictures to blogs.
More and more of these types of hosting sites are beginning to pop up. Competition will be fierce in the next two years until a powerhouse company snaps them up.

My Personal Trainer

In early November, I told you about a fitness program that runs on your XBox.
Now I want to introduce you to Maya, my personal fitness trainer. Maya is a virtual girl and might be in demand soon.

Bridge Game

The object is for you create a red line which goes from the one side of the board to the other before the computer completes a blue line from the top to the bottom. Click on a blank space to add a bridge to your line or to block the computer's progress.
Just a tip, the line does not have to be straight, as you can see below. I was red and lost.

Eye Pod

The other day a friend of mine wanted to buy his daughter the hottest product on the market today. He googled eye pod. Oh my...
  • He tried to buy this, but not available in the US
  • Glad he made the right decision and didn't purchase this
  • Not on the market yet
Tommy, next time, call me first!!!

Modified Tech Gadgets

All types of modded tech products, some successful, some not. My favorite, the laptop pictured below with an old typewriter keyboard.

Visual Composer

Use your keyboard or mouse to compose a cool tune. Check out #5942 for an example.

It's a Wonderful Life Trivia Winners

Over 80 people responded to the trivia quiz which can be found here with the answers.
The winners are Cathy G, from Norfolk, Va, Tina Hunter from the great state of Texas, Peter L residing in Paris, France and Gary T. from Dearborn, Mi. Two of the winners scored 10 for 10 and the other two had 9 out of 10 correct.
Thanks for getting involved and your invitation for your gmail account has been emailed to you.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Pillow Fight

A very creative commercial (will open WMP) geared towards men. Selling high end cables for home theaters, but I can't remember the company name; I wonder why?

Draw a Picasso

Let the creative juices flow. Have fun.

Dog Treadmill

The Jog a Dog canine treadmill is engineered to exacting standards derived from thirty years of research and innovation. Designed with the input of veterinarians, physical therapists and engineers, it is truly the best exercise system available for the most discriminating consumer.

Fan & Ball Game

Push a ball around an obstacle course with a fan controlled by you. Very addictive game.

Shark Finning

Why can't this be stopped. We must get more involved instead of turning the other cheek.
It's a pretty gruesome practice. Net a shark, slice off its fins, then throw the bleeding, limbless fish back into the water. This is the source of the primary ingredient in shark-fin soup, a pricey staple of Chinese restaurants throughout Asia and parts of the West.

Hi-Tech Lighter

With the Beam Sensor, lighting a cigar is half the fun. Rather than press a trigger, simply break the vertical plane of a beam of light. Once the cap is opened, a short red light appears; pass a finger through it, and the electro-quartz ignition produces a flame.

Spelling Error

Maybe the person responsible for this spelling error should have taken this test first.

Helicopter Mishap

A helicopter tries to tow a small boat to safety. Check it out here (will open WMP).
Staying on topic, a 250-pound cow marooned on an island in southwest Georgia's Lake Blackshear will be airlifted to greener pastures by a state patrol helicopter. I just hope it isn't the same pilot.

Wood Computer

How about a computer made of wood, also available in stone too.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Yahoo Video Search

Yahoo has launched a video search engine. I am impressed with it so far. Check out the movie I found; Joey finds a turtle (will open WMP).

Firefox runs New York Times Ad

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - December 15th, 2004 - The Mozilla Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving choice and promoting innovation on the Internet, today announced that it has placed a two-page ad in the December 16th edition of the New York Times. The ad, coordinated by Spread Firefox, features the names of the thousands of people worldwide who contributed to the Mozilla Foundation's fundraising campaign to support last month's highly successful launch of the open source Mozilla Firefox 1.0 web browser.
I have been using Firefox for about 2 months and to put it plain and simple, it is fantastic. You should at least try it and see the difference for yourself.
If you want to see the ad in full, follow this link.

Wonderful Life Quickie

I try to avoid postings with the same topic, but you have to check this out. It will only take 30 seconds.

Sedona Web Cam

The Sedona Web Cam is without a doubt the best web cam sight I have seen. Realtime, pan and zoom and many camera angles to choose from. I would recommend people visit the site only if they have a fast connection, but it is well worth your time.


Animation Party

You are invited to visit or join the Christmas Animation Party.

Cleveland Clinic fighting McDonalds

The Cleveland Clinic is the superstar of heart health. Year after year, the hospital is rated No. 1.
But there's a McDonald's in the middle of the heart center and the new chief executive officer and world-renowned heart surgeon is wondering why.

HD Gamers Database

This database may come in handy at this time of year. Many of you will be receiving a hdtv or some new games and will have questions regarding compatibilty between the two.

Recipe for Good Health - Marriage

From the L.A. Daily News- A study released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states married couples are healthier than divorced, widowed and single adults.
The study bolstered a century of reports that claim that married adults are less likely to worry, suffer ill health or engage in such harmful vices as smoking, drinking and lazing on the couch.

XP Tweaking Guide

Is your computer running slower than normal, do you want to know what that certain program running on your computer does, how about spyware issues. Check this guy out, I have used his resources many times in the past.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Who Said It

Can you guess who said this? A little hint in the picture.
  • Military intelligence is a contradiction in terms.
  • I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.
  • Age is not a particularly interesting subject. Anyone can get old. All you have to do is live long enough.

It's a Wonderful Life Trivia Quiz

Don't forget to participate in the trivia quiz I posted yesterday. Over 30 responses so far but no one has all the answers correct.

Why do we do It

You may laugh at the folly, but every day someone's tongue gets stuck to a frozen surface, but rarely is it in the form of a dairy treat. More often, it's a flagpole, a railing, or a door handle, unforgiving, unmoving metal mounts that want to inflict pain on your fleshy mouth muscle.

Jogging Robot

From, The walking, talking child-size robot from Honda Motor Co. now manages an easy, although comical, jog - the latest in the Japanese automaker's quest to imitate human movement.

Sports Trivia Online

A very fair, tough sports trivia game brought to you by Newcastle Brown (you first must click on your age group, then click on Fun on Tap). Covers all the sports and I was able to score 345, let me know how you did.

Classic Radios

Just imagine the whole family gathering around the radio and listening to Bob Hope (will open WMP).
Those days are long gone but this site has a fantastic gallery of old time radios.

A Real Hero - Not

Lie - Mr Ryan, a disabled pensioner, was handed Life Saving Victoria's highest bravery medal after claiming he rescued a drowning man in swirling waters off Station Pier.
Lie - The Royal Humane Society of Australasia gave him a bravery award after claiming he saved a man from two savage Rottweilers.
Lie - Killed dozens of Khmer Rouge soldiers, saved children from landmines and went to the aid of a pregnant European woman threatened with rape.
Lie - Claimed to have been held by the boots from the top of the Berlin Wall as he lifted an East German defector to safety while on secondment to the American military.

Read the whole story.

A Very Beatles Christmas

Seldom heard recordings offer a rare glimpse of the fabs at their funniest.

The Art of building Bridges

The Millau Viaduct is the latest example of one of mankind's noblest traditions: the creation of breathtaking structures to span hitherto unbridgeable divides.

Memories of Christmas Past

My favorite movie at this time of year is "A Christmas Story". For some reason, it reminds me of my family way back when. has some audio from the movie. I especially enjoy this one (will open WMP).

Edible Books

The International Edible Book Festival is a yearly event on April 1st throughout the world .This event unites bibliophiles, book artists and food lovers to celebrate the ingestion of culture and its fulfilling nourishment. Participants create edible books that are exhibited, documented then consumed.
Start preparing your book today.

Osama Shot, sort of...

From ABC news, Osama bin Laden take note: You wouldn't be safe in Costa Rica. A startled taxi driver shot and wounded a jokester wearing a plastic mask of the al-Qaida leader.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Help end the NHL Lockout

The Season Ticketholders Association is a not-for-profit organization whose members are season ticketholders of National Hockey League teams.
If you are a hockey fan, it is time for every one of us to get involved. The game is at stake and we must end this lockout.

Save Boston

Boston has been hit with a major snowstorm and you have the only plow in town. A neat game to play...enjoy.

It's a Wonderful Life Trivia

Ready for Kukla's very difficult movie trivia? It is all about "It's a Wonderful Life".
I have four gmail accounts to give away as prizes. If you are up to the challenge, please email me with your answers. My email can be found by clicking on "my profile" on the left sidebar.
Answers must be submitted by Friday, December 17th, 12pm ET and the winners will be posted here on Saturday, Dec. 18th. If more than four people have all the correct answers, I will go to the old standby and pick four winners out of my hat!
Start Googling.....

1. If George and Harry Bailey were alive today, and assuming their birthdates are before Dec. 17, how old would they be? If they were alive today, George Bailey would be 97 and Harry Bailey 93. Early in the movie, it is mentioned that it is 1919 and George is 12. That means he was born in 1907. Which means he’s 97. And remember the scene when George sees Harry’s tombstone? It lists his year of birth as 1911. So, he’s 93. And, of course, he’s four years behind George throughout the movie.

2. Uncle Billy had a nickname for George that included a military rank and alluded to George’s wanting to get out of Bedford Falls and explore. What was that nickname? Uncle Billy called George “Captain Cook.”

3. Mr. Gower received a telegram early in the film telling of his son’s death. What was the son’s name, and what college did he attend? Mr. Gower received a telegram from “Pres. Hammerton College” telling him that his son, Robert, died of influenza. You have to read that telegram in a hurry, don’t you?

4. How much was the house that Ernie Bishop bought with help from the Building and Loan? Ernie Bishop bought a home worth $5,000, as Mr. Potter tells us during the boardroom scene after Peter Bailey’s death.

5. How old was Uncle Billy on the day he lost the money? There are two possible answers here. On the day he lost the money, Uncle Billy was either 73 or 74. OK, right after the boardroom scene when George tells off Potter, Uncle Billy remarks that he can get another job and that he’s only 55, whereupon cousin Tilly reminds him he’s 56. Harry’s a member of the class of 1928, which graduated earlier that summer. That means Uncle Billy was born in 1872 — or 1871, if he turned 57 later that year. He lost the money in December 1945. Therefore, he was 73 or 74, depending on his birthdate. (Confused? Tough. It’s my quiz.)

6. Oh, and how much money did Uncle Billy lose that day? Uncle Billy lost $8,000.

7. Near the end of the film, who gives Zuzu the watch? Recognize him? That’s Mr. Partridge, the principal who earlier in the film says “lots of pretty girls” are at the high school dance.

8. What, in George’s opinion, are “the three most exciting sounds in the world? The three most exciting sounds in the world are “anchor chains, plane motors and train whistles.”

9. Remember the woman whom George Bailey kissed during the panic in the Bailey Bros. Building and Loan? Name the actress who played the woman and a television series she starred in during the 1970s. And in the movie, how much did she ask to take out of the Building and Loan? The woman George kisses is Ellen Corby, who, as Mrs. Davis, asked for $17.50. She later played Grandma Walton in the tv show The Waltons.

10. Someone in the cast later went on to produce television shows. Name him, the character he played in “Wonderful Life” and one of the comedies he produced. Sheldon Leonard played Nick, the bartender and Martini's Bar, and produced a number of TV shows, including Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C, The Andy Griffith Show and The Dick Van Dyke Show.

Low Carb Diet Waning

From the New York Times (subscription), Although it may be premature to declare the death of low-carb foods, many food industry analysts say that the movement is at least deeply wounded. "The bloom is off the rose," said Tom Vierhile, executive editor at ProductScan Online.

Google goes to College

Google Inc. is trying to establish an online reading room for the University of Michigan library and four other major libraries by scanning stacks of hard-to-find books into its widely used Internet search engine.
Michigan's library alone contains 7 million of its library volumes -- about 132 miles of books. Google hopes to get the job done at Michigan within six years.

Backward, Hillbilly State Icon

The world's first glimpse of Jack Whittaker, winner of the richest undivided lottery jackpot in U.S. history, was of a boisterous, happy-go-lucky guy in a big cowboy hat who loved his family, work and God and promised to share his good fortune with the church and the poor. Two years later, the picture the public is seeing now is a mug shot of a haggard, somber Whittaker.

Rooney wants Rather's job

"I have a good job here at 60 Minutes, but we all like a change once in a while, and I've been thinking of becoming an anchorman."

Office Holiday Party

Going to the company office holiday party this year? You can take advantage of the office party to have some fun and advance your career or misbehave and cripple your career. Here are some basic rules to survive and thrive at any company-sponsored party.

Prevent an Alien Abduction

Make a tested device to stop alien abductions. I think this guy is serious.

Remember the 80's

A campy 80's site includes film, fashion, music and haircuts.

Monday, December 13, 2004

All Browsers Open to Phishing Scam

Security firm Secunia reported that the vulnerability affects nearly all browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Konqueror, Opera, Netscape and Safari. The company said it alerted the browsers' developers of the vulnerability months ago.


Take 10 minutes out of your day, it is a must view.

Christmas Cam Display

View live images of a buncha christmas lights and also CONTROL them - i.e. YOU can turn them ON and OFF via your web browser! The Christmas webcam has PAN and ZOOM capability that you can also control. The webcam and webcontrol are ONLY operational between 1800 and 2200 Mountain Time.
I am looking forward to trying this out. Let me know if you had success.

Cheap Date

Japanese men without a shoulder to cry on this Christmas are being offered a woman's lap - made out of foam - to rest on instead.
The "lap pillow", shaped like the bottom half of a kneeling woman, is selling for about $90.

MSN Toolbar Suite

Find anything on your computer.
Documents, photos, music and more!
Find email messages in seconds.

If you are using another browser besides IE, you will get this message: Warning! Your browser does not meet the minimum system requirements. You are recommended to use the MSN Toolbar Suite with Internet Explorer 5.01 or later.


Many of us have been there before, panic starts to set in, what am I going to buy her. I know, a diamond, so we rush out to the local store and purchase something that catches the eye.
Get informed here, make the right decision and feel like that guy who gives his girl a diamond that lights up her life..

12 Rules of Christmas

Christmas has become a time of controversy over what can or cannot be done in terms of celebrating the holiday. In order to clear up much of the misunderstanding, the following twelve rules are

Another Search Engine

Blingo is a powerful search engine with a twist. When you search the Web with Blingo, you get a chance to win some exciting prizes. Just type your search term and click "Go." We'll tell you instantly if you've won. It's that simple.
Well, you may win a prize but the search engine is not very good. Blingo is still in beta mode and in my opinion may never leave the beta state.