Saturday, December 04, 2004

Plucking Instrument

Harpsichord - A keyboard instrument whose strings are plucked by means of quills or plectrums. At one time in history, the harpsichord was the most popular instrument on earth. You can listen to some great samples here.

Space Heater, I Need Help

Trying to find the perfect space heater. Some look good but are worthless, some are too noisy, some give too much heat and some are just too expensive. I am looking for a heater to go under my computer desk to warm my feet and legs. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
This one worked great but would not fit under my desk. Fantastic heat with a dial thermostat.
The space heater pictured below actually looked great, the towers could even be moved into a horizontal position but when that happened, about 50% of the heat was lost somewhere along the tube line, it refused to come out of the vents.

Christmas Around the World

Many people are not familar with Christmas traditions around the world.
  • Switzerland: In Zurich, Santa visits in a special fairytale tram and gives the children a ride through the city, singing songs with them and sharing a basket full of sweets.
  • Finland: It is a tradition to have a sauna bath before Santa's visit.
  • Italy: On the evening of the day after Christmas, children are visited by a good witch named Strega Buffana. She flies around Italy on a broom and leaves treats for good children and coal for naughty children.
  • Lebanon: Families plant seeds of grain in small pots a month before Christmas. When Christmas arrives they have little pots of green to place around the Christmas Cave and their Christmas Tree. The Christmas Cave holds the nativity scene of Jesus's birth.

The Mad Genius

I cannot recall an actor making me laugh as much as Peter Sellers did. The Life and Death of Peter Sellers airs Sunday on HBO and I plan on watching this special. I just hope I come away from the movie laughing.
A website devoted to Peter Sellers with all kinds of interesting stories can be found here.

Friday, December 03, 2004


Many of you may be unfamiliar with Kukla, Fran and Ollie. This will help.

Yale outsmarts Harvard

The "Harvard Pep Squad" ran up and down the aisles of Harvard Stadium at The Game Nov. 20. They had megaphones in hand and their faces were painted as they encouraged the crowd to hold up the 1,800 red and white pieces of construction paper they had handed out. It would read "Go Harvard," they said.
Harvard fans fell for the prank, read on.....

Playboy going Wireless

Playboy fans will soon be able to experience the fun and sexiness of the classic Playboy lifestyle through custom content including Playboy-themed games, images, video clips, voice clips and ring tones. The first content offering will be available in early 2005.
I wonder what the ringtones will sound like.

Skywritng Questions

I have always had questions about skywritng. How is it done, who does it, etc. answers all the questions you may have wondered about.

Firefox Users do not Click

Users of the Internet Explorer click on ad banners four to five times as often as Firefox surfers. The most thankful ad customers were users of the outdated Internet Explorer 5.5 with a click rate of 0.53 percent.
Ok, everyone I told to start using Firefox, forget what I said, start using IE 5.5. lol!!!

So Many Marbles

Growing up I had a few marbles, including cat's eyes, shooters and a few others. Little did I realize how many types of marbles exist.

Retire Barry, Just Retire

Mr. Bonds, please just get out of baseball. No questions asked, just retire and end this soap opera.
You thought you were taking flaxseed oil and a rubbing balm for arthritis. Just once Barry, answer this question; Did you ever wonder why your head and neck got so big after taking your arthritis balm? Stop this game, just retire.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Who is stealing Sponge Bob

The theft of dozens of 9-foot-tall SpongeBob SquarePants balloons from Burger Kings across the country seems too Herculean for one person.
Yet Burger King officials suspect the disappearances of the popular Nickelodeon character may have been orchestrated, with a little help, by SquarePants' longtime foil -- Plankton.
Sounds like a big PR move on the part of Burger King. I would have thought Barney was somehow involved, looked at that snickering grin.

Neighbors complain about Christmas Display

I originally posted this story on November 27th, but you must listen to the update to this story.
So family erects 10 foot tall Grinch.

Sony pressures Blogger

Jason Kottke has a nice blog and decided to mention a few details about the final appearance of Ken Jennings on Jeopardy. Jason blogged the information before the show was on the air and now is feeling the heat from Sony.
He could probably use some kind words and some support.

How to Regift

Remember "The Label Maker" Seinfeld episode where Elaine gave Tim Whatley a label maker who in turn gave it to Jerry. Well if you do need to regift, here are some tips.

Consumers prefer CDs to MP3s

This survey reports CDs are the peoples choice. I would have thought mp3s would have been the choice, but once again the majority of the people surveyed probably are not tech connected yet.

Avoid going Senile

Japan's growing elderly population from will be able to buy companionship in the form of a 45-centimeter (18-inch) robot, programmed to provide just enough small talk to keep them from going senile.

Turn the other Cheek

It was revealed today that MLB player Jason Giambi took steroids. Well, why can't people tell just by looking at the man. MLB has looked the other way for too long and must now face up to the fact that players are illegally enhancing their performance by taking this drug.
2001---------------- 1989


Clapton's Guitar Festival

Last night PBS broadcast the best HD progam I have seen to date. Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival was filmed in Dallas earlier this year. The picture and sound quality was so clean you actually felt part of the concert. You can check here to see if or when the concert may be re-broadcast in your area.

DVD War about to Begin

Three weeks ago Blu-ray DVD technology was discussed at Kuklas. Now HD DVD has thrown their hat into the ring. Expect the same type of battle that existed between VHS and Beta. Some big players are behind each format and I cannot see both formats succeeding.

Canadians can bet on next CEO Firing

Betfair, a British online wagering service, launched a Canadian CEO market on Wednesday, in which users will be able to gamble on whether 10 corporate leaders will be able to keep their jobs past April 30, 2005.
I wonder what US CEO would be the odds on favorite to get wacked. Anyone want to make a prediction.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Smiling Faces

They say a smiling face lights up a room. Well in this little sight game, 15 faces are frowning, one is smiling. The game rotates about 10-15 times, see how fast you can pick out the smiling face. My first try I averaged 6.8 seconds per page. It is harder than it looks.

Flying into Bagdad

"One thing you can say about these flights is that they're not dull," says Robert Brand, the South African pilot. "They're never uneventful. There's always something there to challenge your flying skills."
It seems like any flight in or out of Bagdad could be your last.

The First Techno Artist

Raymond Scott is one of the greatest geniuses and inventors in the history of electronic technology, as well as a pioneer in electronic music.
Scott studied piano and assembled his first audio laboratory at the early age of 12. He graduated from both technical and music schools and after working as a pianist for Radio CBS he founded the Universal Recording company, recording a series of works for ensemble and later creating the Raymond Scott orchestra. During the 40's Scott started inventing a series of musical electronic devices, such as "The Orchestral Machine", and "The Talking Alarm Clock".


A urinal has been named the most influential modern art work of all time.

Catch a Wave

I cannot decide if this surfing movie is digitally enhanced. I have viewed the movie about 20 times and am still undecided. No matter, it is an amazing film. Note: clicking on link will open WMP.

You Light up my Life

GloThong provides luminescent (glowing) products for women and men who seek unique products which are attractive, cool and sexy.
Some of the pics may be considered semi-nsfw.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Feel Like a Woman

Many expectant fathers naturally feel a sense of detachment, curiosity, skepticism or frustration as they listen to description of all the changes and discomforts that their pregnant partner is experiencing. During a childbirth class, a couple counseling session, or a prenatal check-up in a physician's office, expectant fathers can wear The Empathy Belly and greatly increase their sense of involvement, gut-level awareness and empathy.
Has any man worn this?

A Three Hour Cruise

In honor of the premier of Gilligan's Island tonight at 8pm est., I present all Gilligan, both old and new. A great fan site with loads of info, trivia, audio, pictures, and even the application for the new show.

Now Accepting Donations

Just kidding, but this 71 inch Plasma HDTV is painted with 24-caret gold paint and has a set top box that will receive digital terrestrail broadcasting. All this for $75,700.

Don't make that Call

CANBERRA (Reuters) - An Australian phone company is offering customers the chance to blacklist numbers before heading out for a night on the town so they can reduce the risk of making any embarrassing, incoherent late-night calls.
A survey of 409 people by Virgin Mobile, a joint venture of The Virgin Group and Optus, found 95 percent made drunk calls.
Of those calls, 30 percent were to ex-partners, 19 percent to current partners, and 36 percent to other people, including their bosses. The company also found that 55 percent of those polled would grab for their phone first the next morning to check who they had drunkenly dialed, compared with just eight percent who went for the headache pills first.

I have made all three of the drunk calls, how about you?

Find a Bug

Are you an individual who likes to find and point out errors on websites? If so, you need to go here.

Truly Natural

Some of the best photographs I have ever seen are from You should take some time out of your day and enjoy these wonderful pictures.
Galleries include Glacier and Yellowstone Parks and many Montana mountains and rivers. The picture below is of Madison River. Enjoy.

Blogger Issues

Some serious Blogger issues have prevented me from posting today. Look for more posts later today.

Later Ken

Goodbye Ken, have a cocktail and kick back and relax. Loosen up a bit while you are at it.

Hiccups Again

Update: I originally posted this topic on October 27th, now we have over 150 hiccup sounds. Some are quite interesting.

I thought I knew most of the cures for hiccups, but was I wrong. You will not believe how many options exist. Check it out.

Monday, November 29, 2004

The CD Creator

Consumers will spend billions this holiday season on CDs, DVDs and machines to record and play the ubiquitous silver discs.
But the inventor of the underlying technology won't make a cent.

Wine for Life

This large bottle of wine holds 1200 glasses of vino and sold for $47,500. No wonder the people are smiling.

Liars in Trouble

Brain scans show that the brains of people who are lying look very different from those of people who are telling the truth, U.S. researchers said on Monday.
The study, using functional magnetic resonance imaging or fMRI, not only sheds light on what goes on when people lie but may also provide new technology for lie-detecting, the researchers said.

Team Contact Lenses

Show your team spirit, wear your team colors in your eyes. All different styles of lenses available here.

Who uses Firefox

Are you using Firefox? I agree with this article. I see an increase of people using Firefox on Kukla's during weekends, probably surfing from home.
I think the next six months are critical for Firefox and its growth. Most people who use a browser still find firefox difficult to customize to meet their surfing needs so firefox must find a way to make it easier for casual users to implement their product.

How to Decorate a Polish Christmas Tree

I know what you are thinking, but no punch line is included. There is a real way to decorate a Polish Chirstmas Tree.

Throw your Voice

Learn how to become a ventriloquist. Anyone can learn and it is fully guaranteed.

Round Seating Devices

It must have been sometime in the mid 60's when these type of chairs first appeared. Not sure if I first saw one in a James Bond movie, maybe Laugh In, but this site sure has enough of them.

Follow Hemingway

Palin's Travels has been one of my favorite websites to visit. Not only has Michael Palin done a great Hemingway journey, but many more features are well worth your time.

Toy Hall of Fame

31 classic toys have been enshrined in the Hall. Check it out and see if your favorite "classic" toy has made it.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

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For your listening pleasure, enjoy this holiday song: link will open WMP.